Friday, June 13, 2003

Lynn says: "I can't just vote on a picture of a guy sitting in a chair!"

Matthew says: "Oh yes you can!"

The Hot Or Not site is for people to vote on whether they think a bunch of
strangers are 'HOT' or 'NOT'. People put up their photos, and then later on
they go on and see what rating they got. So when you're voting it's a
challenge to A) be true to your opinions and vote appropriately, and B) not
be too harsh on the 'NOT' guys & gals. Nobody wants to find they get a 0.03
out of 10 rating.

So you look at the photo and choose what rating you are going them. Then
click on the number (1 to 10) at the top. The game will then show you what
the average vote for that person is so far, and will take you on to the next

It's kind of cheap and degrading. And amusing. And a little addictive.

So go back and have another go.
I dare you.

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