Sunday, June 08, 2003

Am annoyed.
The Sydney Film Festival has just lost an appeal to show one of their films.
It's been banned.
A few decades ago the SFF (under David Stratton) made a fight to be able to
show what they wanted to show without the censors interferring. The film
festivals won special concessions, which is why nobody under 18 is allowed
to attend any of the film festival movies.
The people who go to the film festival are generally fairly mature people
with a serious interest in films, and I'm pretty pissed that some censor
reckons he can tell them what they can & can't show. It's only sex for
goodness sakes.
I should try to get not too upset, as it's probably a crap film (Romance was
crap, Lolita was good, Baise Moi was probably crap though I never saw it).
But when I get home to my computer in Sydney, I think I'll have to send off
a complaining email to the ratings board.
matthew - in brisbane

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