Friday, February 27, 2004

12 Hottest Women

A few weeks ago, at Cade's suggestion, I tried making a list of 'hot' famous women. It was meant to be a Top 10, but blew out to a Top 12. The list was limited by the fact that I was only including actresses for whom I could find decent photos on the internet somewhere. This whole thing doesn't work so well without the photos, but I thought I'd list the 'winners' here for the record...

12. Gong Li
11. Ingrid Bergman
10. Jane Fonda
9. Winona Ryder
8. Beyonce Knowles
7. Marilyn Monroe
6. Catherine Denueve
5. Bridget Fonda
4. Emmanuelle Beart
3. Michelle Pfeiffer
2. Felicty Shagwell. Sorry, Rollergirl. Oh, sorry again, Heather Graham
NUMBER 1. Sophie Marceau!

Wanker's Corner

Here's a wonderful restaurant in Portland that I'm sure we'd all love to
visit. Click on it to go to the webpage...

Wanker's Corner

If you ever go, make sure you say hi to the head Wanker for me!

Maybe even bring me back some Wankerwear, if you really want to put
yourself in my goodbooks.

Top 10 Most Invested-In Artists

I couldn't really do a top ten, as too many of my favourite artists got the same number of points. A number of artists have had to be grouped.
This does mean some of my favourites aren't listed. My Fred Astaire album is as brilliant as any album I've ever heard, but it's the only Fred album I've got. And I love Cake, but for some reason I've never gotten around to buying more than 2 albums, even though I've heard the others and approve mightily.
So here are the artists who have actually got my cash over the years. I think it's a nice list, though like Cade I'm afraid Kylie also made it on there, how embarrassment:

Equal 8th:
ABBA - 1 original cd, 2 'best of' cds, 1 dvd
Harry Connick Jr - 3 original cds, 1 'best of' cd
Shakira - 3 original cds, 1 remix cd
Janet Jackson - 3 original cds, 2 singles
Baaba Maal - 3 original cds, 1 concert
Louis Armstrong - 2 original cds, 2 cds with Ella Fitzgerald
8 Points

6th: Kylie Minogue - 4 original cds, 1 single
9 Points

Equal 5th:
Dimitri From Paris (dj) - 4 original cds, 1 concert
Luka Bloom - 4 original cds, 1 concert
10 Points

4th: Jamiroquai - 4 original cds, 1 single, 1 concert
11 Points

3rd: Bjork - 5 original cds, 1 dvd
12 Points

Equal 2nd:
Morrissey/The Smiths 2 Morrissey cds, 2 Smiths cds, 1 Smiths dvd, 1 concert (Morrissey)
Madonna - 3 original cds, 3 'best of' cds, 2 singles, 1 dvd
Ella Fitzgerald - 6 cds, and 2 cds with Louis Armstrong
Michelle Shocked - 5 original cds, + an alternative version of 1 cd, 2 concerts
16 Points

FIRST!: R.E.M. - 7 original cds, 1 'best of' cd, 1 single
17 Points