Friday, February 27, 2004

12 Hottest Women

A few weeks ago, at Cade's suggestion, I tried making a list of 'hot' famous women. It was meant to be a Top 10, but blew out to a Top 12. The list was limited by the fact that I was only including actresses for whom I could find decent photos on the internet somewhere. This whole thing doesn't work so well without the photos, but I thought I'd list the 'winners' here for the record...

12. Gong Li
11. Ingrid Bergman
10. Jane Fonda
9. Winona Ryder
8. Beyonce Knowles
7. Marilyn Monroe
6. Catherine Denueve
5. Bridget Fonda
4. Emmanuelle Beart
3. Michelle Pfeiffer
2. Felicty Shagwell. Sorry, Rollergirl. Oh, sorry again, Heather Graham
NUMBER 1. Sophie Marceau!