Sunday, June 08, 2003

Why do I like Sydney?

Sydney has Gowings.
The staff at Gowings know how to leave a window shopping man (and window shopping ladies) alone when required.

Brisbane does not have Gowings. This is a sad fact.
At times like today, when I decide to go have a look at some clothes and try things on, I find myself in change rooms with shop assistants outside demanding that I talk to them. Nasty young women and fancy boys.

Are you okay in there? (this question I don't mind. If I'd collapsed and
needed first aid it's nice to think that someone would check on my
well-being at some stage of the evening).
Is everything all right? (Yes)
Do you need anything in a different size? (No)
Do you want to come out and show us how it looks? (No)
Can you please let us in so we can ooh and aah about how wonderful you look
in our over-priced, ill-fitting and too-trendy clothing, leaving you both
uncomfortably flattered and too embarrassed to bring yourself to deflate our
happiness by not buying our clothes? (They don't always actually say this
out loud)

Clothing store assistants suck.

Just not in Gowings.
2003 - Brisbane

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