Tuesday, August 05, 2003

There's a lot of stuff going around at the moment about how the Vatican said some very harsh words about gay marriages.
The Vatican's opinion isn't surprising.
And I don't mind that much that some people think gay marriages are inappropriate.
But I am surprised (though I shouldn't be) at the total dumbness of what John Howard has said about it. I'm not surprised that he's opposed to gay marriages, just how he's chosen to justify his opposition.
What the hell is he talking about the survival of the species for? Should marriages between impotent people be nullified? Are couples who choose not to have children to be forcibly split up by the state? Does the PM know something about the imminent demise of the species that he hasn't told us? Does he consider 6 billion humans a dangerously low number? Does he not mind that he sounds like a complete idiot?

from today's PM program on the ABC:
Today in Darwin, Australia's Prime Minister was asked to state his position on gay marriage. This is what he said.

JOHN HOWARD: Well, this is not in any way an attack on gay people, quite the reverse, but it's just a strong statement in support of the central role of traditional marriage in our society.

Traditional marriage is one of the bedrock institutions of our society, and I don't want anything to occur that further weakens it. Marriage as we understand it in our society is about children, having children, raising them, providing for the survival of the species.

And I think if the same status is given in our society to gay unions as are given to traditional marriage we will weaken that bedrock institution. That's why I've expressed the views I have.

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