Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Do I Work For Disney?

Today's True Story.
This afternoon I got some photos developed at a little photo shop near my office, run by a couple of Chinese folks.
When I came to pick up the photos, the two people behind the counter asked if I was 'Disney'?
I looked at them blankly, and they asked again, with grins on their faces.
I had no idea what they meant. Were they off their nuts? Did the walkman headphones on my head make me look like I was wearing Mickey Mouse ears?
So I asked what they meant and they said I looked like I worked for Disney. They pointed outside the shop and said that lots of people who work at the Disney office nearby come to their shop.
This pleased me in two ways.
A) It's kind of exciting to have a Disney office next to us. I knew there were a lot of Disney animators working in Sydney (more than in LA apparently), but I didn't think they'd be working near my part of town. They certainly sound more impressive than the floors of public servants in our building.
B) Now I know that I can look young and groovy and talented enough to be a Disney employee, at least to a couple of folks who work in a photo shop and probably don't get out much.
So much better than having someone guess your public service employment status just by looking at you.
My guess is that this is the one and only day in my life where I'll be mistaken for a Disney employee.

PS. Cade is right. Scare Tactics should be booed off tv. Shame on Channel Nine. Shame, Shame, Shame!