Thursday, January 01, 2004

2003 Australian Music Charts

Cade found me the Australian music charts for 2003.

The singles chart is a bit sad methinks. Some okay songs surrounded by a fair bit of crap. Topped off by Guy Sebastian singing what must be the sappiest number one single in history. Barf!

The album chart is interesting. It's definitely a big mix.
* Lots of compilations of course, from Cher to Barbara Streisand, The Bee Gees, Elton John and ABBA (Australians are so daggy).
* REM's new compilation is at number 38, yay!
* New albums by Tony Bennett (with kd lang) and Rod Stewart (all the way up at number 18!) are there, shock!, gasp!.
* There are 21 Aussie albums, which seems decent I guess. Though almost half of them are from John Farnham, Delta Goodram, Australian Idol and Kylie.
* I was very pleased that Jamiroquai is there again, even though his last album was initially released in 2001. Good for him.
* And Dido got to number 11. I didn't want her to be a one album hit wonder.

If you take out the compilations and the crappy pop (I don't mind the likes of Avril Lavingne at number 3, but Hilary Duff is just sad and bad, even though she's down at 74 it's not low enough), you're probably left with two dozen good new albums.

Here are the links....

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