Thursday, November 20, 2003

Kim Wilde

Cade and I went to the Here and Now concert (80's music heaven) on Monday.
The extremely climactic climax of the show was Kim Wilde's bit, where she totally Rocked Off! She is one woman who can sing quite capably about how you just keep her hanging on, while simultaneously looking good in a tight black cat-suit.
It was not without reason that Cade had to take a breather, sitting outside for a while to get a bit of fresh air after she finished. And my voice did seem a bit hoarse after the last chorus of Kids In America (she changed it to Kids In Australia, just for us - isn't she sweet!).
Now, with the wonders of the world wide web, Cade found her fansite, which has lovely little diary messages from dear Kim.
And it's very nice to see that it was as good for her as it was for us....
... and I've also included a message from Belinda Carlisle that is beautifully daggy.

"Without doubt it was THE gig of the tour as we rocked Sydney. Wow, if I never do another gig again... The best moment of the night came as 1927, Mondo Rock, Go West, Belinda and Paul came on stage at the end of Kids in America, and the crowd went OFF! As if that wasn't enough, word got back that 6 of the England team were coming backstage to say hi, and I turned into an overawed schoolgirl as one by one these impressive individuals raved about the show, and we took photos together! Beautiful!...
After show party plans extended well into dawn, and are best kept secret, except that I'm truly suprised we weren't thrown out of the hotel! Much laughter and celebration with all concerned, and a chance to thank both crew and artistes for a wonderful tour."

A message from Belinda Carlisle:
flight QF1 Sydney - Bangkok - London
"I'm pooped. I think we all are. And it's not because of the shows, I mean that may be part of the reason we are all shattered, but I think it has to do with the fun that we've all been having with each other before and after the shows.
This has been like one demented family on the road, and I don't think I've had this much fun in ages. I'm sorry it's over, although if it went on any longer, I may be endangering my health... All the fun, late nights, fine wine, and just plain silly behavior.
Anyways, we're all on our way home to reality, and sometimes to adjust to, after having the perfect holiday. this wasn't work this was a holiday, and I hope that I can experience this at least one more time... I'm going to miss everyone. Waaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!"