Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Ice Cream Advertising

At my Newtown bus stop this morning, at the stop near the Martin Luther King/Aboriginal flag mural, I saw a bunch of posters stuck on the walls advertising Streets Cornetto Ice Creams.

Someone, perhaps a student who's a fan of Adbusters, had stuck a smaller printed poster over one of them, which said "I've seen too much poverty in Sydney to care about what you are advertising". Which is fair enough.

But underneath that, some thoughtful soul had used a big black marker to point out that "Poor folks love ice cream".
How thoroughly true!
I know that someone on a budget would probably head for a humble Paddle Pop rather than one of those toffy-nosed Cornettos, but ice cream is ice cream.
I was truly touched that someone cared enough to step in and defend poor dear sweet lovely ice cream.
Yes, lovely, lovely ice cream.