Friday, February 14, 2003

Well, I enjoyed lots of Mulholland Drive. But I'm so glad you warned me about the last third.
The plot of the first two thirds was quite intriguing, and it would have made a hell of a good movie if it had've continued with it and had a decent ending.
Is a pity it didn't get made into a tv series like it was intended.

What I liked -

* The stylish photography.

* The scene where the Roy Orbison song is sung in Spanish.

* Naomi Watts scenes where she practices her acting role at home with her girlfriend, and then does a totally different interpretation when she does the test with the sleazy over-suntanned old actor.

* Seeing Ann Miller have a decent role.

* Where the hit man kills the guy in the office, then accidentally shoots the woman next door in the butt, then has to kill her, then gets seen by the vacuum guy and has to kill him, then has to shut up the vacuum & a fire starts & the alarm goes off. Funny.

* The breasts on the other actress. Not Naomi Watts. The other one. The second nudie scene she's lying on her back and her rather fulsome breasts are totally upright and perky. Is it possible for real breasts to be like that? I presume they were implant enhanced? Or maybe it was all done with trick wires?

* The screen tests where the girls sing old 50's songs.

I think I understand the ending. The dead girl was actually the amnesiac girl's previous girffriend, who got upset when the other girl dumped her for the director, so she hired someone to kill her and then went crazy and imagined an old couple were coming to attack her so she shot herself in the head.
But then again maybe not.
That makes the most sense to me, but still leaves other parts of the plot totally unexplained.

David should be told to go back and do the ending properly.

But otherwise, strangely, I think I actually liked it.
Sydney 2003

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