Thursday, February 27, 2003

books about film

Yes, that was interesting.
Found I'd read 5 of them....

The Parade's Gone By, by Kevin Brownlow
Kevin is great at writing about old movies. This book helped me appreciate silent pictures. Apart from a very small group of famous classics, the silents are now forgotten. This book made it seem a great pity.

Me, by Katherine Hepburn
I always get a kick out of reading Katherine.

Easy Riders Raging Bulls, by Peter Biskind
Sociology taken to 70's Hollywood.

The Kid Stays In The Picture, by Robert Evans
Robert Evans loves himself all over. Good book though. Lots of famous names in it, which is as it should be for a producer's book.

Adventures in the Screen Trade, by William Goldman
Don't know if I really dig William. He's meant to be a great great screenwriter, but his films are definitely not on my list of faves. His books are very readable though, and do make a bit of sense. I just wouldn't follow any of his rules if I was writing a movie.

Sydney 2003

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