Monday, February 24, 2003

We call the 'thing' Bambi.

Well, I caved in. Cade's charms outweighed my fear.
We call the 'thing' Bambi. That is a nice non-threatening name. When something is called Bambi, you imagine it having a nice reasonable number of legs, say four or so. And not having fangs.
Cade has shown me the fellow's room. As soon as my eyes edged towards 'the box' I said I'd seen enough. The door is now to remain closed.

The new cat is cool. A very friendly feline. The dogs are funny. There was some kerfuffle the first few days, but they are now all okay with each other. I don't like to say this in front of Cade, but dogs aren't always that smart, don't you think? The cat mainly sits around. Occasionally walks hither and thither. But mainly sits. Then the dogs have to keep going up to it and sniffing it's butt or checking out it's tail. Every so often it gets pissed off and hisses and takes a swipe at their noses. One day a swipe may actually connect (and then there'll be trouble!). Each time this happens Cade gets offended. Naturally he doesn't like to see his dogs get swiped at. But how long does it take for these animals to realise that some butts should be left unsniffed!?

I've heard that bored 50's housewives used to use the vibrations of household washing machines to stimulate themselves when hubby was being neglectful.
Just another reason for us to be grateful for washing machines.
Sydney 2003

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Sent: Saturday, February 22, 2003 9:25 AM
Subject: the impossibility of ever coming to Newtown again ...

hey Matthew,

how's it going?
did you manage to get to Cade's place on Wednesday night? or, have you decided that there is no way you are ever coming to Newtown again?

I understand your qualms completely.

we've got a new washing machine - I'm very excited - so I'm washing everything despite it being a rainy day.

bye for now,

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