Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Newtown dogs

A story of Doggy Art in Newtown beating Dodgy Art in Kings Cross.
I only just found out today that there is more than one new dog sculpture in Newtown.
There are 3!!! I'll have to go see them all asap. I 100% approve of them.
The main streets of Newtown have been sculpturally deficient until now, but no longer! And most importantly they've managed to come up with an idea that's immediately pleasing and cheerful and easy on the eye - very much unlike the poos-on-sticks fiasco over in Kings Cross.
The whole industrial-dogs-on-tuckerboxes thing was a great idea - so very Australian and so Newtown at the same time. It talks of the city and of suburban pleasures. Statuesque dogs linking King St with Gundagai.
The part below the doggy bit is meant to be for folks to stick posters up, but they look good the way they are, all shiny bright. So far nobody has been game to deface them with their intended use. Does that mean people like them? I hope so.
More dogs should be on plinths methinks.
Dogs up in the air, everywhere!!!


lynn said...

dogs dogs in the air,
dogs above me everywhere!

oops oops, here comes poop,
now it's time for me to scoot!

Cade said...

What a lovely poem! Put a dance beat to that and you'll have a summer dance anthem!!

lynn said...

the dog on Enmore Rd has recently gained a studded collar!
a week ago someone had put an orange witch's hat over his head - poor dog.

Matthew said...

I wouldn't mind seeing the dog with a studded collar. I imagine it'd enjoy that. The orange witch's hat doesn't sound very nice though - or maybe he was just out partying too much the night before.