Sunday, January 09, 2005

2004 Movie Wrap-Up

2004 is over. So here I am with my End Of 2004 Movie Wrap-Up.
Escapist movies that were kind of dumb, but fun too
Troy ; The Day After Tomorrow; Dodgeball; I, Robot; Bad Santa; The Phantom of the Opera
Escapist movies that were fun and managed to be a little less dumb
Harry Potter 3; The Invincibles
Biggest piece of crap
The Terminal (there were probably worse films, but this had Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, and they should know better)
Best attempts at something different
Farenheit 9/11; Bad Santa; I Love Huckabees
Most appreciated reappearances from folks who seemed to have disappeared
Tippy Hedren getting the chance to use foul language on screen (I Love Huckabees)
Isabella Rossellini getting the chance to strut around with glass legs full of beer (The Saddest Music In The World)
Jodie Foster getting the chance to show off her french (A Very Long Engagement)
Best opportunities for a good cry
Big Fish; Farenheit 9/11
Least impressive singing
Kevin Kline (De-Lovely)
Gerard Butler (playing the lead in Phantom of the Opera)
Best nudity or near-nudity
Troy (in what was a slim year)
Most annoying product placement
Borders (The Terminal)
Worst performances (or miscasting if you're being kind)
Brad Pitt (Troy)
Gerard Butler (Phantom of the Opera)
Tom Hanks (The Terminal)
Memorable performances
Kevin Bacon (The Woodsman)
Geoffrey Rush and Charlize Theron (The Life & Death of Peter Sellers)
The 3 kids, all improving with age, in Harry Potter 3
Billy Bob Thornton (Bad Santa)
Minnie Driver (Phantom of the Opera)
Best quote of the Year 2004
"We can't tell if he's in a coma or just very very sad." (The Saddest Music In The World)

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