Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Lynn recently mentioned that she is planning on getting opinions on what is in and what is out for the new year. So I've started of thinking of some options. I'll try and edit this over the coming days.
IN -
* Nuts About Chocolate (yummo);
* That new Helga's bread with Sunflower seeds in it (yummo);
* Independent American films that take risks and make $$$ (Michael Moore and Mel Gibson both did it);
* Chook eggs;
* David Gullpilil, who's been nominated by the NT for Australian of the Year - imagine if Fingerbone Bill won!;
* Walking instead of taking the bus;
* Reading books of essays by great writers;
* Currawongs - especially the clever ones who know how to steal dog food right out of their bowls.
* The Australian film industry, at least until it gets it's act together;
* Tropfest. It was lovely when it was small, but now it simply celebrates mediocrity - and there's no point Australian film-makers perfecting getting one idea across in 5 minutes if they're incapable of telling a complete story in a feature film;
* The idea spread by conservative columnists that we should stop whinging about politicians who keep winning elections despite sucking so badly (when they stop winning elections, THEN we can all happily stop whinging);
* Hollywood remakes of old flicks;
* Starbucks.

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