Friday, March 21, 2003

The Philadelphia Story

Just had to let you know about my latest DVD purchase.

The Philadelphia Story!

They finally released it on dvd, and I seem to remember you mentioning you liked it.

Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, James Stewart!

In the running for best cast ever.

When I got it home I had to play that scene where the reporters first turn up, and Katharine and her little sister amuse themselves by putting on an act of being rich idiots, just to poke fun at the attitudes they think the reporters will have about wealthy people. I love the way the girl speaks french and sings Lydia The Tattooed Lady on the piano and walks around on her toes. And Katharine's toffy-nosed voice. Very funny, especially since Katharine always did have a bit of an aristocratic air about her.
Great stuff.

What's your favourite bit?

Cary's dimple?

I don't know how Cary kept his career going. If I was that charming I'd never leave my mirror.

Hey, you should put this on that website. Not because I've said anything brilliant, but because there can never be too much about The Philadelphia Story on the web. Every Philadelphia Story piece can make up for one neo-nazi website I reckon.

Sydney 2003

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