Saturday, July 21, 2007

Kimba the White Lion - influencial vegetarian

I bought a dvd of the old Kimba The White Lion cartoon a while ago, and watched the first episode last weekend. I was a little surprised at just how much I still enjoyed it. The animation was always quite inventive (especially compared to the cheap children's cartoons that came out in the 80's like He-Man). And Kimba was one of THE cutest characters ever.

And I also remembered loving the idea of all the animals living peacefully together and Kimba being brave and protective even though he was so small (of course it's wasn't particularly realistic - in real life a small white lion wouldn't have much chance of convincing the other jungle carnivores to give up meat). But in fact, I actually think Kimba was one of the influences behind my becoming vegetarian when I was a kid. I'd never considered it before, but I'm certain now that Kimba was a definite influence.

So three cheers for Kimba - turning small children into vegetarians!

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