Monday, April 30, 2007

MTV Music Awards 2007

We were out at the MTV music awards yesterday, wearing t-shirts with CREW written on the back of them (well Cade went without as they didn't have exactly enough to go around, which left him a bit miffed), assisting with siphoning disorderly teenagers into the mosh pit, where we got to join them once the show started.
This was the second time we'd been to these awards. They're a bit odd, as the presenters do their presenting to the cameras, not the audience, and everything goes dead when it's ad-break time. Definitely best to be in the mosh pit where you can get up close to the performers, but it does mean standing back a bit from the screaming teens at the front.
The bands were all decent, including Eskimo Joe, as well as some of the others that I'm not personally keen on (like Good Charlotte, and Damien Leith). The 'flossy flossy' Fergie was the host, though the song she sang was just okay.
* The HIGHS - Pink is truly cute, even though she wants to be 'tough', but that just makes her cuter. As well as singing she twirled a couple of metres above the stage and audience from drapes hanging from the ceiling. Nifty. Sneaky Sound System rocked, just like they did when I saw them as the opening band for Scissor Sisters a few months ago. It's unusual to see dance musos who sound so good live. Would be good to see them get some exposure internationally. And I got to see silverchair for the first time ever. This really got the mosh pit kids off, and water bottles were sent flying. They were so satisfying that we decided to leave for home even though there was about 20 minutes of show to go. No point sticking around for 30 Seconds To Mars (Jared Leto) who would only have been an anti-climax (and the word from backstage was that Jared Leto and his boys weren't the nicest of people).
* The LOWS - Like the Logies, there's obviously plenty of dodgy voting, because there's no other believable explanation for Guy Sebastian winning for best pop clip or Evanescence winning best album. Few people got a less excited response from the crowd than Guy, but at least he didn't sing. I've never been a fan of ex-soapie stars like Stephanie Macintosh trying to become pop stars, but it was a bit hard watching (and hearing) her flail all over the place, especially when the music stopped for a few seconds so we could hear the full awfullness of her singing. I can't decide if her performance was as bad as Russell Crowe's at last year's show, or whether Russell wins that one. There seemed no point to Nicole Ritchie being there, until she announced a winner as shah-Non Noll, and gave us all a laugh.
*** UPDATE - The awards were shown live on MTV. As we were at the awards we couldn't watch them on tv until they were repeated - by which time Stephanie Macintosh's performance had been cut! Was this MTV trimming the dud bits to make a more entertaining show? Or was it done to protect a singer who can't sing while the record company is still trying to flog her music to the pop-star loving kids of the world???

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