Sunday, July 09, 2006

Matthew's Survey Results

A week ago I used to survey my friends, getting results from 18 people (or maybe it should be 15 or 16, since I think some people accidentally did it twice!).
* Most respondents were in Australia, though there was one response each from folks living in Canada, Italy, and the USA.
* There were 5 votes for me to dye my hair chocolatey brown; 2 votes for black & dark blue; and 2 for black & dark green. Other single votes came in for pink (eek!); blond with red tips (very 80's); silver (how distinguished); flourescent pink; orange; metallic purple (I like it); and pitch black.
* The most popular Australian actor was Cate Blanchett, voted for by 9 people! My friends have such good taste! There were 7 votes for Toni Colette; 4 for Geoffrey Rush; 3 for Nicole Kidman; 2 each for Heath Ledger, Naomi Watts, and Hugo Weaving; and 1 vote each for Eric Bana, Ben Mendelson, and Grant Dodwell(!!!). NOBODY voted for Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce. Poor Russell - nobody loves him AND he sings like shit :-(
* It appears that people would be equally horrified to learn that their daughter was engaged to either Tom Cruise or Michael Jackson, which makes sense. 3 people also didn't like the idea of their little baby getting engaged to Anna Nicole Smith, and 2 people didn't want to hear that it's Charlie Sheen. However, nobody was much concerned about George Michael or Mr Magoo. Go Mr Magoo!
* Out of seven obscenely wealthy people, only Paul McCartney managed to get only positive responses. It's nice to know that if he lost all his $ in a fire (a really really big one) he'd be welcome in pretty much anyone's home.
The other six folks, ranging from nice and ending as 'certified bastard' were - Oprah Winfrey (fairly nice), Bill Gates, The Queen of England, Ted Turner, Rupert Murdoch and finally Donald Trump (correctly picked by almost everyone as a 'prick').
* What my friends have done with their lives - Riden a horse (14 people); Been to a drive-in movie (12); Spent over $200 on an item of clothing (9); Bought something off e-bay (9); Voted for someone on a reality tv show (8); Walked out on a movie (7); Shoplifted something (6); Eaten snails (4).
* As well as thinking Paul McCartney's sweet, my friends seem to love the Beatles music too - 12 people have owned a Beatles album; 9 had an ABBA or U2 album; 8 - Madonna, REM, Bob Marley, and Billy Joel (oh really!); 7 - Meatloaf, Nirvana, David Bowie, and Boney M (wow, 7 Boney M albums - I'm impressed); 5 - Queen; 4 - Pink Floyd; and 1 - The Clash.
* 64.29% of people ARE in favour of changing the national anthem from the bloody boring Advance Australia Bloody Fair to the Aeroplane Jelly song! This must be the best survey result ever!
* The following 6 items of behaviour were rated from nastiest (after Mass Murder) to nicest (after Being Kind to Puppies) in this order - Strong body odour; Nost-picking; Loud agressive swearing; Talking on a mobile phone during a movie; Shoplifting; Loud slurping of hot tea.
Which is a bit of a bugger - I was hoping everyone would agree with me that loud tea-slurping was an unbearable habit. Maybe more people would be on my side if they heard the tea-slurping that goes on in my work tea room. Horrific! Argh!

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