Sunday, May 15, 2005

Please come play for me.

After my last list, which was quite negative, I'd like to ask the following artists to come to Sydney for reasonably-priced concerts, in small theatres so I don't have to squint to see you, so I can see you before I die (which hopefully won't be anytime soon, so you've got a bit of time - just don't take too long). Some of you have already been here, but I didn't get to see you, which, I know, is my fault, not yours, but still it'd be nice if you did me a favour and came back again.
Pretty please.

Cake, Erykah Badu, Joss Stone, David Bowie, Jewel, Angie Stone, Macy Gray, Harry Connick Jr, Chris Isaak (you always come to Sydney but your concerts sell out too quickly - please, more concerts!), Aimee Mann, Bjork, and Yo La Tengo.

Sydney's really nice, you'll like it.
I can buy you lunch.

1 comment:

lynn said...

Yo La Tengo!

Yay! I wonder what they'd like for lunch, possibly a chocolate milkshake, maybe a cheese sandwich . . . hmmm, why am I imagining dairy products. They're probably all allergic to milk and such and won't come now. Oh dear. Sorry Matthew for wrecking your beautiful plan!