Friday, September 05, 2003

Creepy ad banners

Well Lynn, you've opened my eyes to something.
Today I looked at the banner ad on my blog and it has two ads, both for american resorts that cater for gay civil unions, weddings and honeymoons!
The website must have some program that reads what we write, looking for certain keywords, and then matches appropriate ads to go at the top of the page.
Kind of creepy.
In a few of our messages we've chatted about gay marriages, so the blog website presumes I might be interested in, and I quote: "Tropical Gay Honeymoon. Celebrate your civil union in style at Ft Lauderdale's true G/L B&B."
I wonder if this can be played with.
Like maybe I could pretend to talk about something, and see if some interesting banner ads turn up. Let's see, what are some keywords....
Chocolate, raising hamsters, virgin sacrifices, UFOs, Bridget Fonda, trampolines, health care, RateMyPoo (now there's a good website), needlepoint, bottoms, Tahiti getaway, I Want My MTV, pickles, dental floss, itchy scalp, lesbian, sex tips for nurses, worm farming.
I think that should do it.
In the next few days I'm going to have to keep an eye on the ad banners and see if I get any results.


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