Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Eurovision 2003

I had a good old fun time with Eurovision this year.

I actually quite liked the song from Belguim. Was not very Eurovisionish.
Was hoping it'd get first. Was on the edge of my couch during the voting.
Was okay to settle for 2nd.

And Turkey's winning song was okay. Sounded like a Holly Valance song. Or
rather, there's a Holly Valance song that sounds just like Turkey's song.
And I always approve of good belly-dancing.

t.A.t.U.'s song was so shit. Each time they hit that high note (or high
notes, since they definitely weren't singing in tune) was painful.

I even enjoyed a couple of those cheesy pop tunes with those big voiced

Did not approve of the songs with silly titles, like "NaNaNa". And there
was that freaky happy song which I couldn't quite catch... were they singing
"Let's be happy and let's be friends" or was it "Let's be happy and le'ts be
gay" (as in 'happy' not 'homo', I think)? My 6 year old niece would
probably find it catchy.

Was funny seeing England get no votes.
I asked Tino if he watched it and he didn't even know it was on. So it
can't be too big of an event for Italy!
I think it is probably biggest in smaller countries (like little Latvia).
They can put in a crappy pop song and beat the rest of Europe. I'm sure it
makes them feel big and strong when they beat Germany and France and
England. There was probably lots of Latvian sex going on the night they won
in 2002. 9 months later - hundreds of Eurovision babies!
It appears to me, that the larger countries like England and Italy, well
they just can't be stuffed, and they're probably embarassed by the fuss the
little nations go to over it.

Well, that's my theory, and since there is nobody here at Global Gossip to
challenge me, I'm sticking to it.
2003 - Brisbane